Who We Are

Characters amongst friends amongst competitors. The players that compose DCC are not new to the game. Nor are they old guards reluctant to change. They've seen and been, with and without. Their growth in a state that does not favor their passion proves their resilience. It is not to say they are downtrodden nor that they are lucky.

They just have heart.

What's At Task

It takes a lot to fund a paintball team. We are extremely fortunate for those who help or who have helped. Still all major debts are incurred out of pocket with little reconciliation. We are not an investment. We will not make a profit. Our only product is value through character and exposure of substance. Please consider supporting this dynamic and colorful team as we continuously seek new sponsorship opportunities. You or your company will be highlighted through digital media, print media, and an aggressive viral marketing campaign. You will join us wherever we go.

Show Your Support

For inquiries please email- dukecitycoalition@gmail.com
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Those who have stood by our side you will find at the top. Thank you.

Roster for 2012

Tad Davis
Sean Menk
Daniel Jordan
Ryan Fraitekh
Nicholas Montano
Rob Petersen
Thomas Jaramillo
Jon Cowan
Justin Gabaldon
Andrew Ellsbury

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